Erica Balderson/Murray was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado and has always had a deep love and appreciation for the arts. Throughout her life her inspirational role models have been all mighty, creative women (Deb Jones, Barb Rubin, Barb Smith and Laurie Doctor to name a few). Erica studied at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, Graduated from Lewis and Clark College, and (many years later) went back to school for a degree in graphic design at the California College of Arts. After establishing a graphic design career in San Francisco, she eventually moved back to her roots in Colorado where she and her husband, Tim, are raising a family of their own.

The desire to teach art and to share her creative passion has acted as an magnetic force over the years. Erica has taught a variety of art based projects to both kids and adults. She has led classes at the Aspen Community School, The Art Base (formerly the WYLY), for Rocky Mountain Warrior Arts Camp, as well as on her own. With the newly built art studio for WILD @ ART, her vision has come full circle.  She is ready to roll up her sleeves, dive into art and nature, and hopes to become a role model to others in return.


Take a look at the building process of the WILD@ART studio space.