What they said:
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My daughter enjoyed an amazing 3 weeks at Wild@art. Each week she learned new techniques and pushed her artistic boundaries. The classes were thoughtful, engaging and fun! Erica is a talented and patient teacher/artist. An added bonus were the daily nature adventures, offering a reprise from the heat and just some plain good ol' summertime fun!
–Alison Church

There are so many camps in aspen but Wild@art is an experience. The confluence of creativity and nature with the beauty of the hunter creek valley as its setting. It's not just about the end product (although those were display worthy!) but the journey- wild@art exemplifies that process. 
–Jeffie Butler

Erica is divinely creative and wonderful with children, and the natural space she has created for this camp is a perfect container for children exploring their artistic side.  
–Kerry Kleisner

Our daughter attended Wild@Art and loved the combination of super creative artistic endeavors intertwined with some good old fashion healthy outdoor fun. She came home happy daily and we loved that she was enjoying all that is Summertime in Aspen in the outdoors while feeding her creative spirit.
–Connie & Matt Power

I was so envious of my kids! To create art while surrounded by such natural wild beauty and in the company of such a talented open teacher, my kids didn't want the camp to end!  Wholesome wonderfulness that engages young artists across age groups.
– Casey White

My 8 year old daughter loved the camp!  She especially liked putting her face in the mold to make the mask.  She liked that it was a small group of kids and felt like a big playdate!  I especially liked the beautiful setting, and that they hiked and explored the surrounding area of Hunter Creek and into the Grottos.
–Robyn Scott

I loved the freedom to explore. And I liked expressing my feelings in the art projects. Erica is the kind of teacher that doesn't just tell you how to do something she helps you discover it yourself. 
–Maeve (student)

I liked learning new things in an independent way with full access to amazing materials.  
–Estelle (student)

I wasn't bossed around- I could think of my own ideas. After creating art, the outdoor activities were really fun- like slip n' slide, swimming in the river and hiking.
– Pen (student)

I like how Erica incorporates simming, hiking, art and wilderness into one art camp and how you feel at home and included.
–Luna (student)

What I love about WILD@ART is that you can always be creative and when you wnat to get wild, you get to explore Hunter Creek.
–Katie Maeve (student)

What I love about WILD@ART is that I can do what I want to the project and pain what ever I want on it!.
–Maddie Rose (student)