Summer workshops

We will be focusing on a different theme each week, diving head first into the creative process
of making  art and celebrating the natural surroundings of the Hunter Creek Valley and beyond. 

Dress for mess and for a good dose of outdoor fun each day.

Upcycled art

Horns & wrinkles (ages 9-13)

June 12-16 9:30-3:30

Get ready to dive into the kingdom of creative creatures! Our attention will focus around the folkloric Vejigante mask–a brightly colored, fantastically whimsical mask made out of cardboard, paper mache, paint and a whole lot of imagination! We will round this class out with animal prayer flags, antiqued foil creatures and a good dose of exploring the nearby Hunter Creek kingdom.
Class size limited to 8

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Monstrous marvels  (AGES 9-13)

June 26-30 9:30-3:30 

This class taps into the quaint and quirky side of life. Each student will create an oddly fantastical character which we will bring to life in the form of a marvelous/monstrous plush mask. We will also put our imaginations to the test by making ink blot creatures, monster mama paintings and the building of a secret hideout fort. 
Class size limited to 8

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

printing passions (AGES 9-13)

July 10-14 9:30-3:30

We will be turning print making on its head using a variety of printing methods to develop a body of work that reflects the inner (wild) child. Students will experiment with multi color block prints, graffiti stencil art, stamp art and more. The classroom will be buzzing with a colorful palette which we will take outside for a collaborative chalk art creation.
Class size limited to 8


fashionably fierce (AGES 9-13)

July 24-28 9:30-3:30

This workshop will focus on wearable art and self expression. We will take ordinary trucker hats and revamp them to suit our individual styles, design our own meaningful temporary tattoos and make self portraits that reveal our inner dreams. The journey is the destination as we take a playful look at who we are and where we want to go.
Class size limited to 8


mask animals

totems & tales (AGES 9-13)

August 7-11 9:30-3:30

Students will learn about the history of totems and what they represent. They will create their own myth or legend to use for inspiration when building their own totem pole using recycled materials, paper mache and paint. We will continue on this mythical path by making photo montages that morph animal and human forms. To wind it up we will make foil embossed milagros that promote healing and protection. As a group we also build a village of rock totems for all to admire.
Class size limited to 8